Cell Correct



Depending on its location and function, every cell in the body has an important role to play while functioning in coordination with other cells in influencing a person’s (one’s) healthy living with longest life expectancy. Any irreparable damage to these functional units at the molecular or cellular level due to environmental influences or error prone repair processes and impaired abilities of these functional units due genetic predisposition, can lead to an imbalance in the overall health status of an individual and result in diseases and disorderly conditions.

A thorough understanding on these damages and their effects is of highest importance to evaluate and establish routes or measures for correcting them at the source for uncountable number of ailments. In view, Virinchi Hospital has taken up an initiative as a social responsibility and providing enormous amount of details on diseases, their aetiology, symptoms, diagnosis, investigations, and treatment options to educate the community of students, researchers, clinical professionals, laypersons and as a matter of fact to any person who visits the virinchi hospitals website (www.virinchihospitals.com).

We look forward to provide you with best of the scientific and clinical data through this interface and also update the content with relevant and significant advancements from respective disciplines from all over the world.