Dr Ershad Mohammed Sohail


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Dr. Ershad Mohammed Sohail is a Registrar in the Department of Pain Management at Virinchi Hospitals. He has worked as a Senior Resident at NIMS Hospital and Registrar at Mediciti Hospitals. He has hands-on experience in Ultrasound-guided blocks and Fluoroscopic and CT-guided procedures related to chronic pain management. He is also trained in 2D Echo Basic Procedures. His areas of interests are acute and chronic pain management including learning and implementing new techniques of pain management.

While working in rural hospitals (RIMS Hospital, Adilabad) with minimal equipment, he has gained the ability and confidence to work under difficult conditions – owing to which, he has resuscitated many patients on several occasions. He used to visit camps in rural areas to provide services to the poor and needy.

He speaks Urdu, Hindi, English and Telugu.