Dr Naveena Rani Nayakanti


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Dr Naveena Rani Nayakanti is a Registrar Critical Care in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Virinchi Hospitals. She has overall four years’ experience in critical care medicine. Prior to joining Virinchi Hospitals, she worked at Care Hospitals and Century Hospitals. She possesses good experience in ACLS, advanced modes of mechanical ventilation, advanced hemodynamic monitoring, all procedures including central lines, dialysis sheaths, ICDs, advanced neurological monitoring and high-risk patient transport. In addition, she has the expertise of dealing with all types of critically ill patients including neurological, cardiovascular, medical, gynaecological, obstetric, neurosurgical, trauma and postsurgical patients. In her leisure time, she loves reading books, solving puzzles and listening to music.

She speaks Telugu, English and Hindi.