Emergency Care

Department of Emergency & Trauma Services

Emergency Department at Virinchi Hospitals is a level-1 trauma centre, which is well-equipped to handle medical, surgical, trauma and toxicological emergencies. This is one of the best emergency departments in the twin cities. Quick responsive emergency care is offered to save lives.

Fastest Emergency Response

According to WHO the deaths that occur outside hospitals can be avoided if fastest emergency response is offered to the victims.


ER facility is co-located with Cardiology Lab, Neurology Lab, and Radiology departments that have robust & sophisticated equipment like 3T MRI, Spectral CT, ECG, 2D-ECHO, and HOLTER. In addition, Emergency department has a negative pressure room to isolate patients for controlling infectious diseases.

World-class operation theatres, smart intensive care units & lab facilities

All the 11 operation theatres are large and well equipped with 1, 60,000 Lux of Lights, multi-axis surgical tables together with laminar flow with HEPA air filters for infection control.

The unique ICU complex comprising 100 critical care beds on one exclusive floor with state-of-the-art infection control barriers, physical separations is well equipped with personnel and material flow controls.

All the ICU monitors are integrated digitally for remote / mobile access while dedicated CCTV cameras monitor each patient individually.

Round-the-clock Emergency Services

International Triage System: Advanced resuscitation room is available to resuscitate critically ill patients based on their clinical needs. Qualified, experienced and trained emergency physicians handle emergency & trauma patients. In addition, qualified and ACLS trained nurses, qualified intensivists, emergency personnel and emergency medicine trauma technicians take care of patients.

Well-equipped Ambulances, transportation & accessiblity is the key to saving lives

fastest emergency response with quick action team anywhere in the city and its outskirts

The ambulances at Virinchi Hospitals are like mobile ICU’s with advanced cardiac life support encompassing facilities like ventilator, O2 supply, all emergency medications, infusion pump, vitals monitoring devices, defibrillators and resuscitation cart along with trained emergency and trauma technicians.

The ambulances are strategically placed within 20 km radius of the hospital to reach the incident spot in about ten minutes from the time of call.