Floor Map

The main hospital building is spread over ten floors, each of which are carefully planned to support patient centric processes. The hospital has been uniquely designed to clearly segregate the man, material and medical flows.

The Level Zero is uniquely designed to cater to all Diagnostics needs including Central Radiology. A Health check patient need not move across the floors to complete the lab, x-ray, ultrasound, mammogram, cardiac investigations and consultations.

The Level One is designed to cater to All OPD needs including X-Ray, Lab, Pharmacy, Minor Procedures etc. such that there is no need for a typical OP Patient to move across floors.

The Level Two houses the exclusive premium rooms only, designed for personalized patient service.

The Level Three has executive single rooms planned and designed for efficient care.

The Level Four is a single floor dedicated for critical care with restricted public movement. The Cath Lab complex on this floor is adjacent to the cardiac ICUs to ensure seamless patient movement.

The Level Five houses the OT complex, adjacent to the Central Sterilization Department thereby minimizing sterile material movement in open area. Similar the Labor Rooms are adjacent to the NICU on the same floor to minimize movement of patient, doctors and associated medical material

The Level Six houses the Dialysis Complex together with Economy and Day Care Ward.