OP Investigations

The out-patient investigations are unique in offering an exclusive patient service with a strict patient-centric protocol. After completing the consultation, a doctor might order for a particular investigation or a set of investigations.

A Guest Relation Executive (GRE) counsels the patient and completes the billing formalities. After this, the GRE accompanies the patient to the respective procedure section, and then the concerned department’s team or nurse assists the patient. Once the tests are done, the GRE counsels the patient regarding the availability of the reports and the turn-around time (TAT). After the reports are ready, an auto generated text would be sent to the patient’s registered mobile number.

With the user ID and password provided at the time of registration, patient can login to our website/mobile app to view or download his/her reports. The patient may collect the hard copies based on his/her convenience. Consultants can view the same reports online in EMR and suggest the patient accordingly.

IP Investigations

Once the admission is done, the admitting consultant might order a few investigations to judge the medical condition of the patient. Alternatively, as a Duty Medical Officer (DMO) / nurse is monitoring the patient’s condition, they might consult the admitting consultant, who in turn might order a few investigations. In either case, the DMO / nurse enter the order in the system.

In case of laboratory investigation, the sample is collected in the patient’s room, and then sent to the laboratory for further study and analysis. For the radiology and cardiology investigations, a nurse takes the appointment from the respective department and confirms the appointment before shifting the patient. Preparation for the investigation is taken care of by the concerned nurse. During all times of patient transfer, the nurse accompanies the patient.

Bedside procedures are performed for sick patients. All the patients in Critical care ICU’s are directed for bedside procedures. In case a patient from the critical care area has to be transferred for investigation, the DMO accompanies the patient until the procedure is completed and the patient is transferred back to the room.

Lab Sample Collection

The laboratory also offers home sample collection service and ensures quality control measures to avoid the spread of infections. The salient features of the lab include trained staff and phlebotomists, a separate phlebotomy room, bar code enabled sample collection unit and an urgent reporting service for clinical investigations on request.

The department of Clinical Biochemistry at Virinchi Hospitals offers services in clinical biochemistry, haematology, and coagulation disorders, and performs quite a large number of specialized tests including the analysis of blood glucose, electrolytes, hormones, lipids, fats, metabolic substances and proteins. These tests are performed using completely automated and sophisticated equipment that are capable of handling high volumes of samples and provide a very short turn-around time. In addition, the diagnostics Lab has the ability to test over 15,000+ bio-markers including molecular diagnostics across epigenetics, genetics & exome sequencing services.

OP Radiology Investigations

Virinchi Hospitals is leading industry’s most advanced radiological diagnostics services with 3T fMRI, Dual Energy 128 Slice CT Scan, IVUS-FFR Cath Lab, Twin Detector Digital X-Ray, 4D Ultrasound. The department has expert radiologists, technicians, nurses and doctors who deliver utmost care to get optimum results. Our advanced and sophisticated equipment capable of delivering diagnostic and therapeutic requirements from resolution, precision, manoeuvrability, compactness and robustness standpoint provide one stop solution for all the clinical needs.