IP Processes


The admission to a hospital is always a bad news, but it is a reality of life – and the situation becomes quite disheartening when our loved ones need to be admitted to a hospital. For someone who is naïve to urban hospital experience – the process can be somewhat unpleasant, especially when they are unfamiliar with the way a hospital runs.

Virinchi Hospitals stands apart in this regard. We don’t believe in the concept of admission counter. Instead, we follow bedside admission – wherein our Guest Relation Executive (GRE) admits a patient with the help of the patient’s attendant, while the patient relaxes on the bed.

There are two possibilities of getting into the hospitals: one is planned, and therefore, is an elective admission, the other one is ad hoc or random and therefore, is an emergency admission.

Elective Admission Booking

Once the doctor requests for an admission, our GRE does financial counselling and initiates the admission booking processes by seeking details like admission date confirmation, time, room confirmation, deposits to be made, and so on.

For patients with insurance, GRE collects the patient’s relevant documents and forwards them for pre-authorization. The Status of the pre-authorization is informed to the patient. In case of PSU’s, we act accordingly (Estimation, credit letters, etc.)

On the day prior to your admission, our GRE gives you a reminder/confirmatory call. On your arrival, the GRE escorts you to your room, and then a Tab is handed over to you using which you can monitor your own health status and your treatment begins right away.

Emergency admission

We only advise you to get admitted in the hospital, when the hospital deems that it is the best way to help you and take care of your illness. Our emergency department is always ready to provide quick, effective and accurate patient care. The hospital provides round-the-clock emergency services, with a facility that is fully equipped and managed by a dedicated team of emergency physicians, nurses, technicians and paramedical staff.

Admissions to rooms from the Emergency Room

Emergency room patients are directed to admission based on doctor’s advice. As the patient’s treatment continues, our GRE helps in generating an MRN and completes the admission process. Next, the patient gets transported from the emergency room to the assigned bed. For patients availing cashless facility, the GRE completes the concerned documentation and admission process. For patients having an insurance facility, all the documents are collected by our GRE and sent to the respective TPA for pre-authorization.

Surgery Planning

Once patient is advised for surgery, GRE does financial counselling to the patient’s attenders and then documents the date and time of the surgery. The concerned operating doctor books an OT in the Health Information System instantaneously. A day before the surgery, the OT coordinator or in-charge calls the doctor and confirms the booking of the surgery – both day & time. This is followed by preparation of OT and arrangement of special equipment as required by the doctor. The OT in-charge makes a call to the patient and informs them one day before to obtain a confirmation.

Short stay care patients are expected to get admitted in the early hours of the day as they are likely to get discharged on the same day. These patients are received by our GRE and are escorted to the Day Care unit following which admission process is completed.

Discharge process

The discharge process at our hospital is an expeditious process. Our enterprise-wide Health Information System updates the billing of a service as soon as it is utilized, which implies that all your billing information is consolidated and available in real-time. This enables us to shorten the discharge time, and augment patient’s convenience and satisfaction.

Once discharge is advised, our nurses initiate the discharge process: mark discharge advice, pharmacy returns, cross check the orders of investigations performed etc. Our Duty Medical Officer prepares the discharge summary on the Health Information System, which is instantly available for the treating consultant’s review. Then, our GRE visits the patient at the patient’s room and explains the final bill amount.

Discharge Processes – Cash

If the patient intends to pay cash, two checkout slips are generated and handed over to the patient. The GRE books a follow up appointment, and informs the date and time to the patient. Finally, the GRE obtains feedback from the patient.

Discharge Processes – Insurance

If the patient has insurance, the GRE prepares the final bill as required by the insurance company. This bill and discharge summary are forwarded to the TPA for final approval.

Based on the insurance/TPA approval, if any co-payments exist, the GRE approaches patient’s room with the final bill copy and explains the same to the patient, after which the bill is settled.

If an insurance/TPA company denies approval of the final bill, our GRE counsels the patient and explains to them the reimbursement facility available at Virinchi Hospital. At the time of discharge, proper documents including the bills, copies of the reports/tests and claims form are handed over to the patient for reimbursement.

Discharge Processes – ARY

For the cases falling under Aarogyasri Scheme, the Hospital medico obtains online pre authorization for beneficiary by uploading all the required documents such as white card / health card, medical reports and films, clinical photographs as and when required. The request is scrutinized by doctors and specialists from ARY trust, and then the final approval is obtained. The entire premium is paid by the government on behalf of the patients.

Once payment is completed, a nurse explains the post care medications and hands over the patient’s file containing reports and discharge summary to the patient or their attendant. The concerned floor GRE and nurse together complete the discharge checklist. A checkout slip, visitors pass are collected and transport facility is provided, if required.

Billing Estimations

During financial counselling, our GREs provide estimation for the proposed treatment without hiding any charges. During treatment, if there are any changes in the plan of care or any deviation from treatment plan, the same is brought to the patient or attendant’s notice. The patient or their attendant is briefed on the financial aspects and all this is documented. For insurance patients, we send an estimate along with the pre-authorization form and other required documents to the concerned insurance team. We keep on updating the patient or their attendant if there are any changes in the treatment plan or in estimation. PSU’S (Govt sectors) are provided with an estimation summary for which they need to get the approval from their concerned unit.

Package Billing

At Virinchi hospitals we have designed different kinds of health care packages pertaining to the various health care needs of the patient. A complete updated list consisting of the prices of all the available treatment packages can be obtained from the Virinchi Hospitals’ web portal/mobile app, which can be accessed 24*7. By educating our patients prior to the hospital visit, we ensure a fair, accurate and transparent billing.


For an investigation or procedure advised by the consultant, our GRE completes the billing formalities following which the patient is guided to the concerned department. However, the services which are not availed by the patient due to any reason after the payment is done, we have a standard refund policy:.

  • Refunds may be offered in OPD and IPD
  • Cash paid on the same day would be refunded by cash; card refund is done according to the terms and conditions applicable.

If a doctor recommends a patient for refund, the patient has to sign and return the original bill copy. In case of cash payments, the patient is refunded on the same day. In case of card payments, the patient is refunded with a cheque.

Discounts & Coupons

Discounts are given to patients in the form of vouchers and coupons by our consultants and GREs. These could be used for patients below the poverty line to fulfil the part of their treatment expenses. Only one coupon or voucher can be used for one patient. For deserving patients, belonging to different categories, we offer specialized discount coupons in the denominations of 5 and 10 percent.

During your hospital stay:

  • One attendant should be there with you 24/7
  • One attendant pass and one visitor pass are provided at the time of admission
  • Please keep all the passes safely and hand over them at the time of discharge
  • Free valet ticket is provided
  • Outside food and medicines are not allowed
  • It is mandatory that patients wear hospital clothes
  • The hospital will not be liable for the loss of your valuables