Know Your Hospital


This feature allows you to have a complete view of the hospital at the click of a button. It is your right to know completely about your hospital prior to making any decision pertaining to any of your healthcare issues. You can make an informed decision after getting the following information about the hospitals:

  • Estimates of a room or a procedure
  • Discounts or coupons available
  • IP & OP processes
  • Medical infrastructure
  • Out-patient and in-patient facilities
  • Details about the preferred doctor
  • Lab services
  • Radiology services
  • Payment options

And many more …

Mobility Solutions

Virinchi hospitals has deployed an unprecedented enterprise-wide mobility infrastructure to serve patients and service providers on multiple mobile devices. The patient centre allows patients to access their medical records, make payments, conduct video consultations, and to access second opinions, set alerts and access the widest portfolio of hospital services in the comfort of their mobile. Similarly, the doctors have access to their patients, statistics, orders, OT bookings, etc., while on the move.

Virinchi Hospitals focuses on improving the quality of care by offering mobility services. Our mobility solutions enable quick service, improve response time and augment patient care – which in turn improves workflow efficiency and betters patient throughput by reducing time, costs and risks. The information that used to go through paper can go digital – appointments, consultations, tests reports, admissions, diagnosis, discharge summary and lab reports – all are possible digitally.

Salient Features of the Mobile App

  • Book an appointment and find a doctor
  • Connect to the doctor anytime through video, voice, SMS or chat
  • Store all documents and secure them on cloud
  • Get all medical records, prescriptions, lab reports including radiology reports & discharge summary
  • Report an accident or help someone report an accident
  • Access comprehensive healthcare information
  • Watch enriching and detailed healthcare videos
  • Raise any kind of query and get answers virtually