OP Processes


All the processes related to an appointment are planned and streamlined to ensure that patient walks-in and walks-out quite comfortably. One can book an appointment from the website, or mobile app, or phone or in-person. Follow-up appointments after a consultation or after hospital stay are scheduled after consultation with the physician by a Guest Relation Executive (GRE).

Patients with prior appointments are requested to reach the hospitals on time or at least a few minutes before the appointment time. If a patient reaches late, his/her appointment will be moved back. Delayed appointments will get retracted back in the last few minutes of the hour, and sometimes considered in walk-in category. However, the doctor may exercise her prerogative to shuffle the patient queue or schedule planned consultations as needed to manage timelines.


Anyone interested to come to the hospital or avail any hospital services can conveniently register themselves or register others on mobile app or on the hospital website. The registration process is free of charge and only basic details are required to quickly register to generate their unique MRN. Once at the hospital, one can fill the additional details and complete their registration.

OP Consultation

OP consultation is available for anyone who is interested in meeting any consultant during the consultation hours and prior appointment can be booked as stated earlier. The consultation charges may vary. There are up to free consultations within a week from the first consultation – these consultations can be through phone, video or in person.

Payment for consultation can be done online through the mobile app and website. A consultation slip is generated, which can be used to approach the consultant directly at a scheduled time. All online payments are secured through two layers of authentication and can be disputed upto 24 hours of the payment transaction.

A corporate patient may fix a credit consultation online through the mobile app without making any payment, generate a consultation slip and walk directly to the consultation room on pre-defined appointments.

Video Consultation

The hospital allows a unique video consultation service with any of the hospital doctors, allowing the doctor to provide short consultations remotely. This significantly reduces the patient travel and waiting time, thus allowing brief consultation and helps in providing follow up advice, prescription review, report discussion etc.

Pharmacy Purchase

All doctors’ prescriptions are integrated with the Pharmacy so as to allow the pharmacy to be prepared with the medicines before the patient arrives. For all patients, the medicines are supplied through a Central Pharmacy. A patient can walk directly to the pharmacy while the prescription reaches electronically. The Pharmacist keeps the envelope ready while the patient makes the payment in cash, card or online on the mobile app.

The patient gets an alert in the mobile app if the medicine purchased is deemed to be exhausted as per the prescription. The patient can choose to repeat the prescription through the mobile app, where upon the medicines can be home delivered for no extra charge within a 20 km radius.