Patient Self Services

Mobility Services

Virinchi Hospitals focuses on improving the quality of care by offering mobility services. Our mobility solutions enable quick service, improve response time and augments patient care. The information that used to go through paper can go digital – appointments, consultations, tests reports, admissions, diagnosis, discharge summary and lab reports, prescriptions etc.

Alerts and Reminders

Our automatic alerts and reminder system service is one of the convenient ways to reduce medical no-shows and planning hospital’s activities. Some of the features of our alerts and reminders include appointment schedulers with SMS reminder ability, automatic update of test results, immunization reminders, automatic alerts for patients and physicians pertaining to all appointments, wellness messages for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Pharmacy Refill

Our free mobile app allows you to order refill prescription for your family members.

Online Payments & Health Wallets

The hospital enables you to pay online through the hospital website or the mobile app with a convenient and user-friendly payment system, which is available 24×7. Through the online bill payment system you can view or review your hospital charges, request itemized statements and change insurance information. We provide all payment options including credit cards, debit cards and internet banking.

Medical Record Management

We have a highly secure and efficiently manned medical record system. From the time the patient enters the hospital till the time he/she leaves the hospital all their information is recorded. This includes all the necessary documents based on the case including consents, case summaries, medication reports etc. A thorough check list is updated along with counter signatures for verification and future use of the information. The medical records team updates the data post verification.

All the patient information is uploaded on the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), which is password protected and only the treating doctor has the access to it. The patient is given a user ID and Password to access his/her personal medical information.