Out Patient Services

Virinchi Hospitals understands the importance of patients comfort, convenience and time. Therefore, to offer inter-disciplinary care with proper patient management, the hospitals’ OPDs are uniquely grouped into seven clusters. All the OPDs are open from 9 am to 8 pm. senior consultants belonging to several different specialities are available to see the patients. In addition, each OPD cluster has one dedicated procedure room relevant to that particular cluster. For all patients, outpatient consultation services are available with prior appointments and registration is done free to avail the services.

Signature Out-Patient Department (OPD)

To ensure better patient-centric services, the signature OPD is a single platform wherein all patient services are offered – the beauty of the service is such that rather than patient reaching out to multiple places in search of different services, the OPD department provides all sort of services at a single location. To provide patient-centric care a team of multidisciplinary doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff approach the patient. We believe in not moving you an inch in the course of your hospital visit and post visit.

The signature OPDs at Virinchi Hospitals have a dedicated space consisting of two rooms located in the lower ground floor of the hospital which is easily accessible to patients and also to the healthcare providers. The Signature OPDs are fully equipped to provide highest-quality medical care and nursing services, such as blood pressure measurement, sample collection, bandage changes or even simple medical procedures. As we are one of the most technologically sophisticated health care centres in India, our Electronic Medical Records service ensure that ‘You don’t need to carry any documents while coming to the hospital for further visits.

We have allocated one dedicated Guest Relation Manager (GRM) who is at your disposal all times for you and your family. The coordination of care begins even before your arrival at the hospitals. Once you enter the hospital premises, our GRM accompanies you in the entrance itself and gets associated with you during your entire visit to guide you throughout the process and to ensure that you get all the required services promptly from time to time. Once you complete your stay, our team reaches you and assists you in your medical/hospitals needs including pharmacy requirements, bills assistance, next appointment schedules, etc.

The Signature OPDs have been established with an objective to provide hassle-free, value-driven and patient centric care to all the patients who visit hospital to avail the services. Furthermore, our GRMs ensure responsive care according to the needs of the patients in a timely, professional and transparent manner. Irrespective of the time, patients or visitors can approach the OPDs by calling to a direct access number for general enquires, personal medical issues or for any sort of counselling for them or on behalf of their family members.

Platinum Room Care

The platinum rooms are well designed for personalized nursing and comfortable patient stay. The room furnishing is ergonomically designed for ease of patient care with smart technology environment to deliver connected care. The patients in platinum rooms are provided dedicated relationship managers who liase with all patient related affairs including billing, investigations, pharmacy in addition to clinical counseling. The platinum rooms provides direct access to consultants through video consultation network in addition to higher nurse-patient ratio.