RTS Club

What is Right to Science Club?

The aim of “Right to Science” (RTS) Club is to provide every club member access to all the medical science advancements in diagnosis and therapy, in time to save his or her life.

The following are the objectives of the club:

  • Provide its members access to comprehensive, evidence-based preventive and predictive healthcare through initiatives like Out-patient Program, Inpatient-Top up insurances, Right to Science partnerships and collaborations
  • Foster deeper relationships between clinicians, healthcare providers and members through workshops and programs where the members Family Meets and interacts with Doctors in an out of hospital environment
  • Keep members abreast of the latest advancements and developments in the fields of medical sciences, biotechnology, bio medical engineering sciences, digital medicine, medical statistics and pharmacology through participation in national and international conferences, and partnerships with industry, government and universities
  • Allow members with similar health issues to group up on physical and digital platforms , encourage discussions on their issues and find solutions
  • Conduct health camps and events for members focussed on healthy living, longevity and wellness
  • Educate the members on the importance of science in their daily life specifically towards medical and healthcare, and to create interest in and awareness of latest advancements through newsletters, blogs and other communication channels, and through expert talks
  • Create a forum for members with orphan diseases wherein they can search for medical solutions

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