Why should I choose Right to Science Club?

The RTS Club is a novel way of accessing hospital services wherein you get privileged treatment like dedicated relationship manager, in-depth consultation sessions with specialists, and benefits of 4 times or more money back. In addition to this, the RTS Club ensures that the latest in medical and allied sciences are available to you. The pursuits of the RTS Club go beyond hospital services and include industry collaborations and scientific advancement.

If you are someone who is interested in the latest that the field of healthcare has to offer or if you are someone with regular medical expenses or you are someone with a very unique healthcare problem like an orphan disease, the RTS Club is for you.

Are there any specific specialties that Right to Science Club caters to?

The premium RTS Club offers all hospital services covering all known specialties and sub-specialties without preference for any one specialty. More importantly, hospital services are only a component of the club. The pursuits of the club go beyond hospital services and include industry collaborations and scientific advancement, which are specialty-agnostic.

What are the timings of the RTS Club?

Everyday, between 5PM-midnight, the RTS Club is open only to Club members for outpatient consultation services.

Do I necessarily need to add all my family members?

No, you don’t necessarily need to add all your family members. We have packages for families with 6 members, 4 members and 2 members. You can choose a package that fits your requirements. For details of packages, please refer to RTS Package.

What are the payment options available?

For the package desired by you, you can choose to make complete down payment at once or choose a monthly EMI option.

If you are choosing down payment, you can also pay by either cash or cheque or wire transfer. Cash can be deposited at the hospital. Cheque can be drawn in favour of Virinchi Healthcare Private Limited. Wire Transfer can also be made to the account of Virinchi Healthcare Private Limited. To make a payment, please visit RTS Payments.

If you are choosing monthly EMI option, you can pay by either cash or cheque or wire transfer. In this case, the payments will be made to the bank that is providing you with the requisite loan. To avail EMI option or to check list of banks offering loan facility, please visit RTS Payments.

Can I pay online?

Yes, RTS Club allows you and its members to pay online. To make a payment, please visit RTS Payments.

Can I pay monthly EMI?

Yes, RTS Club allows you and its members to pay monthly EMI. To make a payment, please visit RTS Payments

I have been offered the RTS Club membership as a corporate perk in my job. Do I have to make any payments?

Individuals availing RTS Club membership through their corporate sponsor need not worry about payments. Your corporate sponsor will make all the payments on your behalf.

All your pharmacy purchases are deducted from the privileged membership number provided to you. Once you cross the ceiling for pharmacy purchases, you need to purchase medicines by paying the MRP.

How do I become a member of the club?

Becoming a member of the RTS Club is very simple. Visit www.virinchihospitals.com/right-to-science or download Virinchi Health Mobile App and check our RTS Club feature for registering.

We seek the following details during registration: full name, mobile number, contact address and date of birth, of which the first two are mandatory. Registration costs a nominal fee of 100/-. To avail specific benefits like Outpatient program, you need to pay as per the package.

Can I cancel my membership in the middle?

Firstly, we regret to lose a valuable member like you. If your decision is final, we urge you to consider transferring your membership to a close relative or a friend, who can avail the benefits of the RTS Club on a pro-rata basis. If you don’t want to consider even the transfer option, we will certainly process your cancellation request. Please note that there is no refund of the membership fees already paid in case of cancellation.

Can I transfer my membership to anyone?

Firstly, we regret to lose a valuable member like you. Transferring of membership is allowed once during the lifetime of the membership account number. For example, you can transfer your membership to anyone, but the recipient will not be able to further transfer the membership to anyone else. Membership can be transferred anytime during the lifetime of the membership account number. Members who receive transferred membership, can avail all benefits of the membership account number on a pro-rata basis.

Whom do I reach out to if I have any problems?

All members have a dedicated relationship manager, who can be reached at anytime. Details of your dedicated relationship manager are available in RTS Club feature of Virinchi Health mobile app. You can reach out to your relationship manager through a phone call or email or quick query.

In case your dedicated relationship manager is not reachable due to unforeseeable circumstances, you can call 040-46999999.

How do I book appointments?

You can book appointments using Virinchi Health Mobile App or by calling your dedicated relationship manager.

What happens if I book an appointment and don’t show up?

We understand that sometimes overlapping priorities make you skip a pre-booked appointment. In case such a scenario occurs, your dedicated relationship manager will call you to reschedule the appointment at the earliest convenient time possible.

How can I consult a doctor on video?

Consulting a doctor on mobile happens in a few clicks. From your Virinchi Health mobile app, click on Video Consultation. You can choose from a list of over 40 specialties. Upon choosing any specialty, you can view the list of doctors available for video calls and their timings. Simply click on the name of the doctor with whom you want a consultation, and then click on Start Consultation. The doctor would appear on the video shortly.

Do you deliver drugs to my home?

Home delivery of drugs is provided as a special privilege only to RTS Club members. You can purchase your medicines as prescribed by our doctors directly through the mobile app or by contacting your dedicated relationship manager or our dedicated customer care number. Please note that your pharmacy purchases are free up to the membership fee of the package chosen by you.

Can I call the Call Centre for my appointment bookings, medicine purchases or should I do it only from the mobile app or website?

You can avail all RTS Club outpatient services from Virinchi Health mobile app or by contacting your dedicated relationship manager. In case your dedicated relationship manager is not reachable due to unforeseeable circumstances, you can call 040-46999999.

What all are offered in the first comprehensive baseline test?

Please check the details under RTS Packages.

What should I do when I forgot password?

Please enter the registered Email Id or Phone number and enter the OTP number that you receive and the new password that you want to set and continue to reset the password.

What should I do when forgot login?

Please contact customer support at : 040 4699 9999

How do you ensure safety of my health records?

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you access our website.

How do you ensure data privacy?

We maintain the highest data safety standards in the world to ensure zero-breach. These include the most rigorous steps to guarantee that they can be accessed only with your explicit permission using a one-time password. For example your doctor referring to your blood test report gets one-time password to access the report basis your permission. As a company policy we don’t trade, share or give access to any of your data to any UNAUTHORIZED individual or third party, under any circumstances.

How protected is your mobile app from hacking?

We operate at 3-Tier levels of security and protection. Our call center, website and mobile app are as hack proof as the best in the world.


Every citizen should have the “Right to Science”, wherein he or she can have access to all the medical science advancements in diagnosis and therapy, in time to save his or her life.

Why Not? Nothing is more important than human life!

Medical science has grown by leaps and bounds in a multitude of directions, more so, in the last one decade. From soluble stents for cardiac patients to adoptive immunity, check point inhibition for cancer patients, from organ regeneration for liver patients to gene editing for thalassemia patients, from robotic surgeries for inaccessible interventions to continuous telemetry of bio-markers, from single beat CT scan to 3T fMRI, from genome and epigenome based big-data diagnosis to machine-learning based patient similarity studies, from full life medical event book-keeping on smartphones to smart wearables – the remarkable accomplishments of science are redefining our belief of life expectancy and it may not be far, that we may even push the retirement age by a decade, by each passing decade.

Even today, most of these scientific advancements remain inaccessible to large sections of Indians for multiple reasons. It is to bridge this gap that we have undertaken this movement we term “Right to Science”.

Equipment based on future science

3T fMRI, Dual energy 128 slice CT scan, IVUS-FFR Cath Lab and Twin Detector Digital X ray, lab-equipment capable of analysing 15,000 bio-markers.

Right to science in therapy

Future is all about Stem cell based therapies, organ regeneration, adoptive immune therapies, check point inhibition therapies, re-construction surgeries, gene editing, fully-guided surgeries, implants and transplants, 3D printed skeletal scaffolds, bionic prosthetics, biological prosthetics, and nanotechnology for disease detection, drug delivery and cell/tissue corrections.

Diagnosis based on Big Data

What is preferable? Study few parameters and treat based on population statistics or study all parameters and give a personalized treatment.

Personalized Medicine

What works for you based on your genetic construct may not work for others. Personalized medicine with predictive diagnosis to reduce disorders’ incidence, enhance treatment specificity, reduce relapse and reduce overall treatment burden.

Everything is Insured for Everyone

Virinchi has devised a unique model of insurance for even outpatient services for its premium member of the Right to Science Club.

Your Right to Science can be exercised anytime, from anywhere on your mobile:

“Mobile” Video Consultation

Virinchi provides video consultations with doctors via smartphones.

Medical Event Book Keeping

Virinchi’s Mobile app enables each patient to have the complete medical history of every test and hospitalization record on the cloud and as well as on the mobile for the individual and his family for their entire lifetime, which they can zip and forward to any doctor for a second opinion.

Healthcare as a Welcome Experience

Virinchi is a truly paperless ‘mobile-only’ hospital with all front office, nursing and ward processes executed completely on tablets.

Also, you can visit the RIGHT TO SCIENCE CLUB in person at Virinchi Circle, Road # 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.